With our dedication to provide the most impressive products, we take the entire process seriously. Our continuous commitment towards high quality has earned us the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Our products are ‘Indian Standard’ certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, as well as ‘Green Building’ approved. Setting high quality standards for ourselves ensures the same for our customers.


Test & Observed Values


1. Moisture Content: 8%
2. Glue sheer strength: Above 1300 N (Dry State: Above 1550 N)
3. Adhesion to piles: Excellent
4. Glue sheer strength: Above 1000N (After 72 hrs. Boiling: 1200N)
5. Tensile Strength: 

  • Along the grain: Above 4400 N/

  • Across the grain: Above 2700 N/

  • Sum of tensile strength: Above 8650 N/

6. Mechanical Data

  • Modulus of rupture: Above 400 kgs/cm2

  • Nail holding strength: Above 60 kgs

  • Specific gravity: Above 750 kgs/m3

  • Screw holding strength: Above 250 kgs